Make Risk Count.

Dean Sharrar — Director

Dean worked for the Bancorp Group in two periods, from 1993-1997 and since 1998. In the intervening period, he was Treasurer of ZESPRI International Limited. An external review of the organisation’s treasury activity prompted a decision to appoint its first full time Treasurer. Dean was responsible for managing the foreign exchange and interest rate risks, and improving information flows across the business as it related to risk creation. His core responsibility was the development of treasury risk management strategies and making recommendations through a Treasury Management Committee to the Board.

Before moving to New Zealand, Dean worked in the UK. He was the first full time Treasurer appointed by Dowty Group plc, a diverse group with four main areas of business: aerospace, electronics, polymers and data systems. Exposures ranged from long term, high value US dollar exposure from the aerospace and electronics divisions, to short term, high value business in a multitude of currencies for the polymer and data systems divisions.

Dean started his career in corporate treasury as a graduate with British Aerospace plc.

Dean is a Certified Treasury Professional member of both the Institute of Financial Professionals New Zealand Inc. and the Australian Finance and Treasury Association Limited, and is an associate member of the Association of Finance Professionals in the US.


DDI: +64 9 912 7590
Mobile: +64 21 608 336
Dean Sharrar

Dean has responsibility for staff, sales and business strategy. He also manages projects for clients in the specialist areas of treasury policy and cash management.