Actuarial Services

100+ years of
actuarial experience

At Barrington, our skilled team reviews risk holistically to offer clients a competitive advantage.

Actuarial Services

Barrington employs a holistic, team-based approach which gives our clients a competitive advantage. The combined experience of our actuarial professionals spans 100 years covering the fields of financial modelling, legal, insurance and superannuation.

Our skilled team supports Australasian businesses to determine, assess, and plan for the financial impact of risk. By evaluating both corporate risk and opportunity through the analysis and modelling of uncertain future events, we offer experienced judgement and robust statistical analysis across corporate superannuation and pension consulting, risk management and insurance, financial modelling and projections and specialist actuarial valuations.

Corporate superannuation
& pension consulting

We provide actuarial services for Superannuation Schemes and Benefit funds, including design of benefits and retirement saving policies, transition to master trusts, and selection of third-party providers.

Risk management & insurance

Barrington offers actuarial services for insurance providers aiming to improve their products, services, and internal workings. This includes actuarial valuations for general, health and life insurance, product development, premium rate reviews and financial projections.

Through a balanced blend of logic, experience, and data analysis, Barrington’s risk management services also supports the decision-making processes in companies and organisations that need or use insurance to review and refine risk management and/or insurance programs, and assess the use of captive insurance to better manage insurance cost. We also provide detailed analysis and astute financial modelling and projections to support the negotiation of favourable insurance terms.

Financial modelling
& projections

Barrington works with insurance companies, investment funds, regulatory authorities, companies, and Trusts using mathematical modelling to understand the parameters of their future performance. Our expert actuarial team generate financial projections to forecast future revenues and expense, accounting for internal or historical data and a prediction of external market factors.

Specialist actuarial valuations

Actuarial valuations appraise assets against liabilities, using investment, economic and claims experience for the model to determine the funded status of a general insurer. Assumptions are based on a mix of statistical studies and experienced judgment.

At Barrington, we offer actuarial services covering life interests; loss of earnings; long service leave; retirement gratuities for lawyers, ex-partners, companies, and Government departments.