Debt Advisory Services

At Barrington, our debt management team is known for its ability to play the long game in order to secure
the best client outcomes. We’ll work with your organisation to develop a debt structure that helps you
to achieve your objectives. Our pragmatic approach is grounded in market knowledge – we won’t
promise you the earth, but we will deliver on our promises.

Specialist debt advisory

As you’d expect, we’ve got a great CV. Over the last five years, we’ve executed over 60 debt management transactions and advised on $2-$3 billion in deals per year. Whether you are looking for bank or non-bank funding, mezzanine or complex structure finance, we can do the deals that other providers can’t.

Bank Funding

Getting the best from your bank

As an established debt management team, Barrington has a strong understanding of all the major banks. The corporate debt market is constantly moving, so you’ve got to be in it to know it. Our team understands the power balance between borrowers and lenders, and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate market-based advice.  We can represent you, sit alongside you or advise behind the scenes to help you ask the questions that will deliver the best outcomes. Our specialist debt advisory management team has the product knowledge to secure the very best debt structure for your circumstances. Whether you’re looking for advisory support to guide you through the process or you want a hands-on service to run the whole project, Barrington can help.

We can work with you to…

Manage debt process

You may want to accept the best priced offer, invite other banks in to test the market or negotiate new terms and conditions. Whatever your objective, Bancorp’s expertise can help to set the benchmark.

Analyse & compare offers

We can advise and help you to compare ‘like’ with ‘like’ when it comes to bank offers. By analysing the small print, we’ll make sure that you select the most favourable terms and conditions for your business.

Transaction benchmarking

Barrington can provide you with comparative, same-sector transactions to give you a clear idea of where to set your expectations and how to benchmark offers.

Manage your response

Our team can manage the negotiation with your chosen bank/s, using our market knowledge to level the playing field.

Bonds & Private Placement

Bancorp plays a key advisory role for many clients looking to raise debt privately, in order to supplement or replace bank funding. Our team can help your organisation manage the process of raising debt through bonds while tightly managing your exposure to risk.

Manage and execute tenders

Manage the debt raising process

Your time is valuable. We can help you to manage the prospectus (PDS) or Information Memorandum process, drafting and due diligence, as well as providing expert technical and commercial advice.

Secure credit ratings

If you’d like a clear understanding of your prospective credit rating before going out to market, Barrington can help. We understand the ratings process and can provide an accurate, comprehensive, confidential shadow rating service. If required, we can then help to prepare all data and financial information package to submit to the ratings agencies. By knowledgeably and meticulously presenting your organisation, its people, financials and market position, Barrington can help you to establish the correct rating for your business  .

Tender management and execution

Our team can manage tenders and help you to choose optimal underwriters and/or lead managers. We’ll also assist in execution to make sure that your funding arrangements go through smoothly.

Our Experience

We make things happen

At Barrington, our professional team of treasurers work to identify and mitigate financial risk, creating and executing strategies for future success. Whether you’re an importer, exporter, borrower or investor, we’ve got the expertise and resources to help you get things done.