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for thirty years.

At Barrington, we offer specialist strategic investment advice to a range of organisations including not-for-profits, charities and trusts.

Investment Consulting

Barrington Asset Consulting (AFSL 363233) provides a non-conflicted investment advisory solution that unambiguously places the client’s best interests at the heart of everything we do. We avoid conflicts by not managing client money, taking commissions or trading as principal: an increasingly rare stance in the investment consulting world.

Barrington Asset Consulting provides senior, experienced investment professional input into key investment decisions for clients. As we are a ‘fee-for-service’ consultancy, clients benefit both from our proven expertise and our structural independence, both of which encourage free flowing discussion.

Our team provides investment advisory services to clients from a range of sectors. Most clients are in the “for purpose sector” including higher education, faith-based and health charities. Many clients have a need for more capital-secure investments and an increasing number value the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their portfolios.

Barrington charges a clear and reasonable price for consulting. We do not have the overheads of some of our competitors and our consulting fees are not obscured in fund costs or brokerage charges.

Investment strategy development

We work with clients to develop specific investment plans, such as setting return objectives and identifying key risks and mitigations.

We also can report on specific questions raised by clients, such as the review of internal ESG capabilities.

Investment governance & policy review

Our team offers clients expert independent investment governance and policy review advisory services.

This includes surveys and workshops with fiduciaries which leads to a customised investment policy statement based on client needs,
including covering such topics such as liquidity, taxation and appropriate investing timeframes.

Investment manager research & selection

Barrington Asset Consulting undertakes bespoke research for clients to identify appropriate investments.

We also facilitate a thorough selection process to match clients with the best manager for their investment portfolios.