Director & Head of

Dean R Sharrar

As Head of Barrington Treasury Services, Dean has been the linchpin of the Barrington group’s Treasury division for over 25 years. Dean is a treasury specialist with particular strength and experience in the areas of treasury policy and cash management.

Responsible for steering the Barrington Treasury division, managing the Barrington group’s client strategies for foreign exchange and interest rate risk as well as driving excellence in the client’s delivery model.

Dean started his career in corporate treasury as a graduate with British Aerospace in the UK. He became the first full-time Treasurer appointed by Dowty group plc, a diverse group with four main business areas: aerospace, electronics, polymers and data systems. Exposures ranged from long-term, high-value US dollar exposure from the aerospace and electronics divisions, to short-term, high value business in a wide range of currencies for the polymer and data systems divisions. Dean was also the first full-time treasurer appointed by ZESPRI International Limited following an external review of the organisation’s treasury activity.

As director and shareholder, Dean has responsibility for staff, sales and business strategy and also manages key client projects, including:

  • Reviewing transactional banking arrangements for major corporates and universities, NZ and international
  • Managing tender processes (covering debt and transactional banking services) for multinational groups in NZ and Australia
  • Setting up treasury functions for new entities
  • Reviewing treasury policies for medium and large businesses
  • Presenting to Boards/Councils on treasury governance

Dean is a Certified Treasury Professional member of the Australasian Finance and Treasury Association Limited. He is also an associate member of the Association of Finance Professionals in the US.

Treasury Advisory

Expertise at a glance

Treasury risk management
Foreign exchange & interest rate risk
Transactional banking
Bank tenders
Treasury policy & governance