Make Risk Count.

John Stroud — Director

John has extensive experience spanning nearly four decades, over many market cycles and across most areas of the financial markets. In the last two decades John has had a specific focus on investment-related roles, including strategic and more hands-on investment portfolio management positions. He has also held senior advisory roles with both global and boutique investment consulting practices, including being principal of one of BAC’s antecedents, Newport Investment Consulting. John has had, or currently holds a number of Board or Committee memberships with investment organisations, sports-governing bodies and industry associations. A particular theme throughout has been roles with a finance, audit/compliance and/or investment portfolio focus.

He holds an Honours degree in Economics and a Diploma of Financial Planning, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and member of the CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analysts) Society of Australia.


DDI: +61 1800 425 079
John Stroud

John has responsibility for delivering investment consulting solutions for clients across Australia