Make Risk Count.


Treasury can be complex. Never invest in something you don't understand.

Barrington has the knowledge and skills to bring clarity and understanding to treasury risk management - both its risks and rewards.

Whatever the training or education needs, we can tailor training sessions to suit. Workshops or seminars cover technical product knowledge, treasury policy development, risk management techniques and IFRS reporting.

We can pitch at any level, whether Board, executive management, or those in the business who create treasury risk (e.g sales, procurements, production).

If you have questions like:

  • What policy should I have about hedging?
  • Why should I use an option instead of an FEC?
  • What are the benefits of interest rate swaps? How do they work?
  • What performance benchmarks should I use?
  • Should we hedge account?

Inhouse training can give you the tools to make risk count.