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Suresh Ranchhod — Head of Treasury Advisory

Suresh has been at Bancorp Treasury since 2006 and has over 18 years of experience within the finance and banking sectors. Suresh began his career at one of the big four chartered accounting firms specialising in the audit of bank clients. With this specialist knowledge of the banking sector, he pursued senior roles within the investment banking industry. He has held positions within internal audit, financial reporting, product control, risk management and other project functions.

Suresh has worked for major investment banks in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom where he gained valuable experience in measuring, monitoring and reporting treasury risks, and financial performance. He has also resolved accounting, financial product valuation and control issues, and conducted system implementations.

Suresh joined Bancorp Treasury as a Client Advisor and is now the Head of Treasury Advisory Services, where he oversees the team of advisors and analysts.

Suresh is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand Inc and the Finance & Treasury Association of Australia.


DDI: +64 9 968 4330
Mobile: +64 21 190 2155
Suresh Ranchhod

Suresh manages the team of advisors and analysts. He also continues to maintain a portfolio of clients and specialises in treasury policy establishment and treasury operation reviews.